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Business Vs Job:

The discussion on which form of the employment is better is still considered the most emerging topics. This questions is mostly discussed by the final year students, because they have to choose their career soon after they finish their degree. After reading this article you will be able to choose between job and business.

A person soon after degree completion looks to start career .

Start your career now


Starting with those ones having well settled family business, “You people just close your eyes and join that business because its the best opportunity for you.” Supporting this idea I remember my teacher words “Instead of Job seeker, Be a Job Provider.” .
As I finished my Studies I didn’t have the above choice as my father was running a small business and i need to do something on my own. At that time I preferred business over Job. At that time when I was just spending money on business and getting nothing, My friends were earning 40-50 k per month. After several months my business started running smoothly and I was earning money as same as my friends. Still I have to generate more income because of more hard work and risk. I put more efforts and as a result my income boosts up to a satisfying level.

The reason behind telling my story was to motivate those people who want to start their own setup. For those people Patience is the best tool .
Now coming to the main topic What business Opportunities a person could have?

Their are different types of business .

  • Short Term
  • Long Term

Short Term Business:

                                         You want to earn more in lesser frame of time? There are businesses which can earn you quicker but the risk factor arises in this type of business. For this type you do not need any permanent office.

Nothing is free in this World.

To earn quicker you need to put more hard work, dedication and good links . The choices are spending your money shares. Buying and selling of shares can earn you a handsome amount of money. Again the risk factor increases here. Other options include a whole sale dealer who picks up accessories from whole-seller and sells at the shops.The risk in this type of business is that you have to spend more money and have Patience while dealing with your customers and asking for your payment.

  • Car Rent service
  • Be an Agent

Long Term Business:

                                        If you want to start a permanent business than you have to click on a right business. Some will suggest you Import/Export Business, Others will say Mobile and Laptops. Some Old fellows will say to have a garment business.Listen to everyone and list down all the opportunities→ This is the first and most important step, because your whole investment is depending upon your Idea.
→Once the list is complete visit the market and see which idea suits you more from the list. Some of ideas will fly away because of market. After visiting market you will be able to select a business type. →Now third step is too build up your links and trust. Remember you will earn slowly in this case but you to be calm. Once you hit the right oath your business will fly in a Hurry. It could take few months or years.
I would recommend you to start something that will last forever. Like if we talk about clothing ,It will last forever and you just need to focus on the trend. Don’t be outdated and you will earn a handsome amount of Money. On the other hand, Few years back some people had a business of Televisions and tape recorders. Where are they now? Some of them has shifted to new technology and others were finished. So choosing the business type is important.

Online Earning Service:

                                         The most trendy part time earning is form Internet. If you have skill you just need to join Freelancing platforms(Fiver,Upwork,Freelancing). I would recommend Upwork and Fiver because Freelancer blocks your account without giving you the proper reason.

No initial investment is required for freelancing but it takes time to run smoothly. You have to be hardworking because out of 100 only 30-40 person succeed in freelancing.

Youtube or Blogging:

If you do not have patience and can not do hardwork ,then you should consider the above options. Because for Blogging and Vlogging you have to give maximum input and have to wait for the result. Your patience count here.

If you have patience and can work with full dedication your doors are open for this platform . Make sure to do proper Homework before starting any of the above.


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