Curly Hair Styles – 10 Curled Hair Styles For Medium Hair & Long Hairs

Curly Hair Styles – 10 Curled Hair Styles For Medium Hair & Long Hairs

Curly Hair Styles with more tangles than you can possibly get out natural hairstyle with a million different ways to wear it. Having a good curled hair day is harder than it looks. But, a piece of good news is that you’re in the right place to get your easiest, healthiest hair routine ever. Moreover, we’re big fans of curly hairstyles for medium hair and long hairs.

Curly Hair girls have more options to choose the best hairstyles for their beautiful hair. So, we decided to research and find the best hairstyles for this kind of girl. And make them look better, charming and beautiful than before. which is why we’ve rounded up all the great hair inspirations you would need. Here we present Top 10 easy hairstyles you can beat out before the morning tea’s ready.


Curly Hair Styles can be blessed with different options to choose as well as trouble to care for them. We have written different article that matches your face and look beautiful Easy Hairstyles must read this. Curled hair looks rare while you do not care about them and it irritates sometimes because of time-consuming.

But still it is favorite of most of the girls and they love to play with different designs to look better. Curly hair, though packed with personality and life, gets pretty quiet when the proposal of styling in intricate updos, elaborate braids, and perky ponytails comes up. Getting our curls to behave regularly is generally the aim, but these cute and easy hairstyles for curly hair have convicted us to get a pretty more creative.

 Curly Hair Styles

Your options for curly Hair Styles:

All the girls have long hair gifts from the GOD and they actually love it. Long hairs mean more options to choose according to your face shape and body shape. Most of the hair artist says that face matters a lot while it comes to different styles. I actually agree but curves of a woman also perform major role to look better with every style. So, you need to take care of your body curves with the face shape. The combination will make your long hair and medium hair look better.

Short Curly Hair: It will generate more dimensions when it comes to the tresses and Subtle highlight. The long side-swept bangs make them fantastic with bouncy and look to the face with short curly hair. The curly girl has also an option to turn them to the flat iron and bangs hairstyle.

Medium Curly Hair: Well, the Medium Curly Hair for girls is fantastic with wings laying on the shoulder gives perfect look. Medium Hairs have different best options such as Wase with tousled hairstyles it maximizes the natural look of a girl. Remember that Medium curly hairs always look shorter than the medium straight hairstyles. So basically curly bob style and waves will suit and look better for medium curly hairs.

Long Curly Hair: Multiple options are also available for Long length curly hair with different shapes because long means more styles. natural breezy waves polished curls or messed up ringlets/tendrils with braiding sections or without. The best recommendations from the expert that uses layering that will provide you flawless revitalized look for Curly Hair Styles.

Corset French Braid:

The style contains French braiding both sides over a pulled-back secured low mohawk-style ponytail, then covering it under and securing for the finished cinched look. This type of hairstyle looks like a button or fish shape with a long multiplication of hairs to each other. Curly Hairstyle like this is also known as a string weaved hairstyle because of the size rather large or not. It is in our hands to make it larger or make it smaller depends on the fashion artist she will match it.


Corset French Braid



Corset French Braid is Thick french of the size and everyone loves them on cornrows side. There are many YouTubers and models who like to have similar hairstyles and they look better. But you can try a simpler one and after that go in the deep to do different experiments. It is not necessary to have Corset French from one side you can change different angles for Curly Hair Styles.

I am attaching the video of  Alanna Durkovich’s corset braid tutorial that must checkout to understand better.




Messy Topknot:

This topknot lets you springy curls include some big personality to your simplest up-to yet. Traceless hair rings, help keep the bun safe, yet messy. Let some tendrils tumble out to finish the look. This one look pretty well when it comes to the personality and beauty of a girl of curled hair. Obviously it takes time and effort if you required the beauty with your hairstyles. Sometimes it takes hours to set the Messy Topknot and it has amazing demand for the wedding fashion.


Messy Topknot



Steps to get a Messy Topknot and Messy Burn Right

Step 1: Flip upside down your head and hold the hair in your hand. Pull hair into a loose ponytail but a bit low and perfectly slick back.

Step 2: Now twist the hairs together and spin around the start of the ponytail. Continuously do this wrap below the bun of your hairs do not forget to leave a tail in the end, It will help to create a shape of the Messy Topknot Long and medium hairstyles.

Step 3: Use the elastic to secure the hairs and Bobby pins will help you to make exact HairStyle. The extra tip I want to share with you that silky hairs are not easy for Messy Topknot and Burn Right. Dirty hairs look pretty well organized I know it’s weird to know but it is a reality.

French Braided Low Ponytail:

It may consider being the school days Curled hair and to aware of the disturbing. This shape for the curly hairstyle is best for feeling the relax and stay at home while working or sleeping. These styles go from night to day in a pinch with its easy, perfect French braid and wrapped low ponytail that would not fall out at every turn. The look of the French Braided hairstyle is almost similar to the pony hairstyle.

Hence, You can have more place for your braids to make it tight or width of texture. It is one of the best and easy styles you can try every time and practice to do with different styles. It is basically up to you to make it simple or long pony short pony even you can do it from the left side for the long pony. Because if you do in the middle the pony would be smaller and not good news for pony lovers.


French Braided Low Ponytail:



Half Messy Bun For Pretty Curly Hair Styles:

If you believe there is not much to do with little curly hair, you are missing out on the planet of hair accessories – with the exception of the half bun hairstyles. This easy twisted bun lets you keep your little hair out of your face without any fuss. Basically it is my favorite one and I personally like this kin of Yo styles. The messy bun is on their way to establishing the name on the top list of the most likely Curly Hair Styles. It is at the top of the trendy hairstyles and growing day by day for the future.


Half Messy Bun For Pretty Curly Hair Styles



You can make this twisty bun for curly hair by following steps explained via the picture above. Does not matter if your hairs are long, short, curly or texture this Half Messy Bun will co corporate with your hairs. Are you worry about how to do Half messy bun hairstyle with your property? Do not be worry we have explained steps in the pictures and check out the video below to get ideas.

Relax Ponytail:

Sleek ponytails, ultra-high and low messy ponytails have been trending lately, but this best mid-range ponytail works on curly-haired girls more than any person else. The body and volume from the curls provide some much-required personality to the look. This is a modern style ponytail hairstyle which is easy and does not take a lot of time. In the coming years, only simple hairstyles work better with a few advance technics to make styles much better. Relax Ponytail is a bit chic type but guaranty to give you amazing and fabulous look around the whole face.


Relax Ponytail HairStyle



You can change the styles using Relax Ponytail sometimes covers all the faces in different directions. Sometimes make all the hairs together to the backside and combine together no hairs on both sides. So you have a choice to make it as you want as that suits your face. This is an easy and simple way which is really easy for me to do and spend all day like this.

Twisted Maiden Braids:

You just need a few bobby pins and minutes to make this romantic twisted braid look. It provides a finishing touch to the natural curls that jobs for any occasion. Twisted Maiden Braids is best for curly hairstyles and takes only 5 minutes to complete it. Curled hair does not create problems while setting this kind of hair because it’s curled friendly. Bobby pins needed to start the pulled back Maiden hairstyles in 5-10 minutes maybe sooner as well. This style works for both hairs does not matter if you got curled hairs or straight hairs.


Twisted Maiden Braids Curled hair



Ok, So you need to dry your hair before starting the style, Curly hairs will remain curly after drying. It is possible to do with wet hairs too but it will not look good comparing to dry hairs. So I decided to go with dry hairs to look much better and save time to our users. This hairstyle does not require bangs it can be done without bangs too. The braid will be right to your face instead of another side behind your face. So, the choice is yours rather you want next to your face or instead of your face.

Now you need to take small size hairs of your curled hairs of your head. And straight the section till the end section of your hairs and repeat the same process again. After that hold the hairs from the bottom and tug it to make bigger like this you will have thicker hairs that look amazing and stylish. I am going to share the video to guide you step by step Maiden Braids style hairs.


Folded Voluminous Updo – Curly Hair Styles:

This volume, high-packed updo lets you artfully fold parts of your naturally curly hair into the best easy hairstyle for all occasions. It keeps your hair up and away to present off that amazing face. The face looks glow and grows a bit larger than before in this type of curly hairstyle. Small faces have more suitable and look fabulous with Folded Voluminous Updo hairstyle. It looks pretty much better in Curly Hair Styles Becuase curled hair can fold easily and create an amazing shape. Bridals favorite one because of the makeup, They have a lot of beautiful makeup on their face so can not hide face.

Hairdo does not require pins or clips that help you to save more time. It looks likes a big deconstructed braid tucked up the end part of your hairs and it’s complicated. The folded voluminous Updo is familiar with curly hairstyles for medium hair and long hair of girls. tendrils on the sides will make you feel free and softness of the backside of your hair.


Folded Voluminous Updo - Curly Hair Styles



Fishtail For Curly Hair Styles:

Zing up your normal curls by taking a few strands of hair behind your bangs and fishtail braid it. Leap and pin the braid to the back, and do the same for the other side if desired. Every girl wants to have her hairstyle easy, simple and good looking. Fishtail feeling is relaxed, sleek, sloppy and tight with curly Hair Styles. And this is what every girl wants to have with their hairs to feel better and comfortable. Twisted to your bun and wrapped around your head with log ot Fishtail from top to bottom. Fishtail has a very common benefit with curled hair and straight hair that it adjusts easily with your hairstyles.


easy hairstyles for girls



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