3 Latest Fashion Trends for this Wedding Season

3 Latest Fashion Trends for this Wedding Season

The December is over but the wedding season is still around the corner and people are excited about 
what to wear, how to do the makeup and what hairstyles to be carried. Any one in the family whether its your sister, friend, cousin or a relative getting married is an amazing feeling itself but along with that comes the wedding planning’s, last minute shopping’s, we don’t get enough time to decide a perfect dress that has comfort and warmth compounded with style.

Specially in these historically cold winter days and nights. keeping this in view in this blog we’ll try to address the first part; that is the dress selection, for almost all of you, and every body type. Here we bring you some of our favorite picks according to fashion trends for this wedding season which will help you  enjoy and brace the cold all at a time.

1-The first Fashion Trend being our favorite Style:

Peshwas with an heavily embroidered shawl-fashion trends
The first Pick

You can pair up a long frock or a peshwas with an heavily embroidered shawl, velvet is very much the 
talk of the town and a go for the winter season and sure to keep you warm and cozy. You can pair up a velvet shawl or an heavily embroidered woolen shawl with a plain long frock or an anarkali peshwas. 

If you’re low on budget you can go with a plain frock and your mothers old woolen/velvet shawls. As it will keep you both comfy and warm. On the other hand for the people who do not prefer wearing a long frock, you guys can also go with a simple shalwar kameez, shirt trousers with the same types of shawls and it will surely make a hit of the season.


2. The Second Pick:

Ghagra choli-fashion trends
Ghagra choli

For the second pick we chose a ghagra choli inspiration via our favorite fashionistas, for this wedding season. We immediately fall in love with this combo at the very first glance. Not only we love the idea of pairing a fully embellished flowing ghagras, with the multiple layers that would keep us cozy, but also opting for a plain velvet/raw silk choli with fully fitted long sleeves that is sure to keep us warm in the chill winds. And with a plus point of slipping into a pair of warmers underneath and you’re all set to resist the cold.

3. The Third Pick:

Embroidered velvet shirts are our third pick of the season,that carry a unique design. Easy to carry and can be paired up with a pair of tights, trousers, or fancy shalwars.fully embroidered velvet shirts-fashion trendsfully embroidered velvet shirts-fashion trendsThey can go for women of every age, and taste. Fit for royalty, the outfits displays an immensely rich vibe! And would also keep you feeling toasty on wintry nights. All the three picks have the velvet in common and that’s the reason for us to choose these three styles as they will look chic and create a style statement keeping you all braced from cold and providing a comfy.

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